White papers

Daigle, Leslie. “Network Operators and Open Source Software”, survey report, March 2021.  https://possie.techark.org/all-the-details-network-operators-oss-study/

Daigle, Leslie.  “The Internet Invariants:  The properties are constant, even as the Internet is changing“, https://www.thinkingcat.com/wordpress/2019-invariantsupdated/   May 2019.

Daigle, Leslie, Konstantinos Komaitis, and Phil Roberts. “Keys to Successful Collaboration and Solving Wicked Internet Problems“,  https://www.internetsociety.org/doc/keys-successful-collaboration-and-solving-wicked-internet-problems January 2017.

Daigle, Leslie.  “Stop Guessing, Start Measuring: Collaborative Data Collection and Internet Fitness“,  http://www.techark.org/2016-noma-vision-paper/  December 2016.

Daigle, Leslie and Phil Roberts, “Internet Measurements Landscape (2016): Systems, Approaches and a Comparative Framework“,  http://www.techark.org/internet-measurements-landscape-2016-systems-approaches-and-a-comparative-framework/   December 2016.

Daigle, Leslie. “On the Nature of the Internet”, GCIG paper No. 7, Series: Global Commission on Internet Governance Paper Series, March 16, 2015.

Daigle, Leslie.  “The Nature of the Internet — Capsule Summary”, October 7, 2014.   “Teaser” overview of issues for a forthcoming whitepaper. The Nature of the Internet — Capsule Summary-October2014 .

Daigle, Leslie L., “TISDAG: Technical Infrastructure for Swedish Directory Access Gateways”, Technical Report, December 1997.

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