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Download PDF of Leslie Daigle’s  professional Resume: LLD Resume

Professional Summary

I work at the intersection of technology, business/economics and policy to drive effective change.

I bring people together to solve problems and deliver coherent, innovative, on-point results. I have led corporate technology teams, cross-industry institutions, and industry volunteer efforts to achieve results with global impact.

I am drawn to mission-driven activities and bring a practical business mindset to developing effective and financially sustainable solutions.

I believe in collaboration as the means to achieve the impossible.

I have been a long-time presence in technology and policy circles, with regular publications and presentations. I enjoy bringing that broad view and deep experience in technology and its use to my job and the TechSequences podcast I co-founded and co-host.

Areas of Expertise

Executive leadership

Strategic vision and planning

Project management

Public leadership – leading organizations to public consensus

Management of strong creative developers

Deep Internet industry expertise and connections

Comprehensive understanding of Internet technology, standards and operations

Published author and invited public speaker

Global experience

Non-profit and corporate experience

Professional History

Global Cyber Alliance

Chief Technical Officer and Director, Internet Integrity Program: June 2021 – present

Brought unified vision to a pair of technical projects (in Internet of Things and domain name abuse), leading the team into a strategically-focused program to engage with the Internet’s infrastructure operators to effect real change in cybersecurity.

Global Technical Officer: March 2020 – June 2021

Responsible for leading GCA’s technology and development efforts. Product-owner for GCA’s Internet of Things honeyfarm project.

TechSequences Podcast

Co-founder and co-host: January 2020 – present

Exploring the important connections between technology and its consequences (intended or otherwise). We have recorded and published 20 – 25 podcast episodes each year, featuring lively discussions with invited guests on topics ranging from AI to mis and disinformation campaigns to COVID vaccine passports and digital identity.

Thinking Cat Enterprises

Principal: May 2014 – present

Collaboration and clarity: The business landscape changes quickly in technology industries, and help is needed to illuminate trends and enable cross-industry action.

  • Independent consultant: proposed, landed and executed projects to work with experts from across the networking industry to gain agreement on how to address, in a collaborative fashion, timely topics such as Internet video, routing security and network measurements
    • Funded research projects – Network Operator Measurement Activity (NOMA); survey of operator use and support of Open Source Software
      o Commissioned to write survey papers on the state of the Internet and its governance

    • Co-organized You Are Not Alone (YANA) – a cross-industry video networking technology workshop and related meetings. See
  • As IETF Administrative Oversight Committee Chair (volunteer appointment), provided community leadership as the Internet’s standards organization, the IETF, embarked on another organizational review.

Internet Society

Chief Internet Technology Officer (CITO): September 2007 – May 2014

Organizational leadership: When I joined the Internet Society, the mission-driven, not-for-profit organization was not equipped to provide leadership in addressing the significant technical issues increasingly stifling the Internet’s development.

  • As the organization’s first Chief Internet Technology Officer, I built and led a team of highly skilled experts
    • Visibly successful activities of the team included the World IPv6 Day and World IPv6 Launch, which changed the course of IPv6 deployment, globally, and put the Internet Society organization on the map of go-to organizations to foster Internet-supporting technical industry action.
  • Reporting to the CEO, developed and delivered, on budget, the organization’s annual technology strategy
  • Provided public face for ISOC’s technology positions – social media, traditional media, public speaking

Cisco Systems

Corporate Consulting Engineer: June 2005 – September 2007



Director, Directory Research: June 2001 – May 2005

While contributing to these Internet industry tech giants’ technical business activities, I was also supported in contributing time to the Internet’s standardization organization, the IETF. I was selected by the IETF’s NomCom for 4 consecutive two-year terms on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), and was elected chair of that board for 5 of those years.

Organizational structure and public leadership: In the early 2000’s, the Internet Engineering Task Force was at a critical juncture of its growth, and was being held back by the ad hoc support for its administration.

  • I worked from my role as Chair of the Internet Architecture Board to lead the organization to public consensus to create and operate its own administrative support – taking responsibility for all expenses, contracting and growth of the organization.

Rattlenote Technologies

Executive Vice President, CTO: 1999 – 2001

Bunyip Information Systems, Inc

Many and varied, Vice President, Research and Development:  1992 – 1999

Member of the Board:  1998 – 1999

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