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Category Archives: Cut-to-the-Chase

What is the news:  publication of the updated security standard for Internet transport layer security:  TLS 1.3

Why it matters:  TLS provides the basis for pretty much all Internet communication privacy and encryption.  The big deal with version 1.3 of TLS is that it has been stripped of features with previously-detected vulnerabilities, and extended its security and encryption.  TLS 1.3 should be more robust/even less vulnerable than TLS 1.2.

Who benefits:  TLS 1.3 only benefits people using applications and devices that implement it.  The good news is that, apparently, major browsers have already implemented and deployed it.  Additionally, the hope is that the lighter weight, more straightforward nature of TLS 1.3 (as compared to previous versions) will be attractive to other application and device developers that have been reluctant to implement TLS in the past.

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