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Today is the official launch of a new ThinkingCat Enterprises project — InternetImpossible.   The purpose of the project is to capture, share, and raise awareness of  the many and varied wonders of the Internet. This ranges from its technology to its reach and its impact. Impact is noted on people, on cultures, on ways of doing things.

It’s a storybook.  And, like all good storybooks, it has lessons, or at least valuable learnings that should be remembered and shared.   The Internet is, in some ways, being taken for granted. Along with that ease and familiarity comes an increase in efforts to apply existing norms, processes and problem solving approaches.   So take a moment to review the stories.  Come back to read new ones.  And, if you’ve got a great story about how the Internet is impossible, or has enabled you to do something impossible, please share!  (Send an e-mail to “editor” at “”).

That’s it.  Why are you still here? 😉  Go check out .