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I registered the domain name almost 17 years ago.  I’ve used it very actively for e-mail through most of those years:   borrowing friends’ server resources first in Sweden, then in Maryland, then in Virginia…  It’s a well-traveled domain 😉

Websites have been a little more resource intensive to set up and maintain.  I’m trying out WordPress as a website creation tool (CMS — like I have that much content to manage 😉 ).  The next hurdle will be maintaining it!

Even so — this is still a split domain.  Currently, mail is being handled through a shared server, and I’ve set this website up on a WordPress installation on a virtual machine I’ve rented.   Not even on the same coasts of the continent, let alone on the same network.  This is the sort of fun you can have with a domain!

This is pretty much a quiet beta release.  I plan to update the “publications”and “media” sections of the site to be a repository of those things (because “repository” sounds so much better than “digital detritus on my home computer”).

Stay tuned…